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The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime

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The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime
By Shramana Zhiyi (Chih-i)
- (538-597 ce)

This classic, also by Master Zhiyi, serves as an ideal companion volume to The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation. It explains the six practices crucial to success in traditional Indian Buddhist breath (anapana) and calming-and-insight (samatha-vipasyana) meditation.

Correctly implemented, these six "gates" lead the practitioner to realize the third of the four truths (cessation), of which the "sublimity" referenced in the title is one of the four canonically-described practice aspects.

Translation by Bhikshu Dharmamitra. Includes facing-page source text in both traditional and simplified scripts.
(See the "Book Excerpt" links below for a more complete description of the contents.)

160 pages, paper, 6" x 9"

ISBN: 978-1-935413-01-1

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Contents, Outline, Introduction; Zhiyi's Preface & the First Two Chapters

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